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Sibeth pubblicato il Febbraio 3, 2021 alle 6:15 pm
I lost the beautiful music pen I bought whilst in Rome, and was devastated- but then I found the online shop and discovered they ship to Norway. It took a long time to arrive, ( approx. 1 month) but I had nice help from the shop when I enquired about it. Today it arrived, beautifully wrapped! I am very satisfied- definately worth the wait!:)
Risposta dell'amministratore di: Laura
Great Sibeth!!! Really long travel.. sometimes COVID doesnโ€™t help shipments .
Anyway we are happy you will have a part or Rome in your hands during the winter !! Visit us soon ...
Belinda pubblicato il Gennaio 13, 2021 alle 8:44 pm
I was very happy to find out that Cartoleria Pantheon now offer the possibility of online shopping. I ordered the 'Diario in pelle RUSTICO' through the website. The diary was very well wrapped and arrived in perfect conditions. I hope to be soon in Rome so that I can visit the shop again. Thanks you!
Risposta dell'amministratore di: Laura
Great!! We await you for next Roman gift.
Andy pubblicato il Gennaio 13, 2021 alle 5:58 am
I received one of the leather bound journals from a friend for Christmas. This beautiful book is finely crafted and I should like one day to visit the shop. I appreciate and prefer well made items and would love to see, touch, and smell the other items in the store. The website gets me close but not tactile enough although this fine tome is a close second. Mayhap I will order one of the beautiful duffels and a fountain pen recording my experience all the way. Ciao for now.
Risposta dell'amministratore di: Laura
Thank you Andy, we await you in our shops . For info or questions do not hesitate to contact us and ... enjoy with your new Cartoleria Pantheon leather journal
MariaLuisa pubblicato il Gennaio 3, 2021 alle 1:57 pm
Album arrivati in ottime condizioni e rapidamente. Abbiamo parlato e effettuato lโ€™ordine per email, Laura รจ stata veramente disponibile e molto professionale.
Nonostante la difficoltร  del momento รจ riuscita a realizzare i nostri desideri, avere gli album personalizzati per Natale!
Risposta dell'amministratore di: Laura
Grazie per le tue parole e buone feste !!
Brian pubblicato il Novembre 23, 2020 alle 2:23 pm
A beautyfull shop with special items. Stylish and classic. When coming into the shop you feel the experience, history and class. I ordered something online this time, the follow up was really good and pleasant. Thank you Laura!
Dennis pubblicato il Novembre 11, 2020 alle 5:47 pm
Each time I visit Rome this is my must go to shop. I enjoy looking at all the exquisite merchandise.Not possible this year, but thanks to Laura managed to get my annual diary online.Hoping to visit again in 2021?
Risposta dell'amministratore di: Laura
Thank you Dannis!
See you in Rome really fast?
Kelly Donk pubblicato il Ottobre 30, 2020 alle 8:16 pm
Unfortunately I couldn't be in Rome this fall and bought my favorite journals online. Great that you have opened the online shop ?? so kind your emails, I appreciated !!
Giulia pubblicato il Ottobre 30, 2020 alle 4:22 pm
Mi รจ arrivato questo fantastico regalo! Una borsetta che ho sempre desiderato, in pelle, comoda, prodotta in Italia, cosa si puรฒ desiderare di piรน?!
Nataliya pubblicato il Ottobre 30, 2020 alle 4:18 pm
Piccola libreriaHo acquistato oggi questa piccola libreria per regalarla ad una mia amica, sono molto soddisfatta. Buon gusto non passa mai di moda!
Piero M. pubblicato il Ottobre 30, 2020 alle 2:29 pm
Ho ricevuto recentemente in regalo questo meraviglioso borsone in pelle di Cartoleria Pantheon, il piรน bel regalo ricevuto negli ultimi anni ๐Ÿ™‚

Borsone da vaggio in pelle Colosseo
Jess pubblicato il Ottobre 29, 2020 alle 2:15 pm

Thank you Jess for sharing with us a special corner with miniature libraries Cartoleria Pantheon in your home.
Michael Bjel FB pubblicato il Ottobre 29, 2020 alle 2:15 pm

Literally, my favorite store while on my 2 week honeymoon cruise in Italy, France and Spain. Found my letter opener and got the perfect duffel bag there too. Top quality, hand made leather goods. Highly recommended and loyal customer for life!
olesya_kohut IG pubblicato il Ottobre 29, 2020 alle 2:14 pm

Natalie Dormer
nicollgraphy IG pubblicato il Ottobre 29, 2020 alle 2:13 pm

Queridos Reyes Magos.... sois los mejores !!! ยฟยฟ Cรณmo se las apaรฑarรกn para acertar siempre sin escribir la carta ?? ยฟยฟ A mรกs gente le pasa ?? ??
Preciosa pluma y libro de prรกcticas de Cartoleria Pantheon dal 1910, Roma. Empezando con la copperplate.
nicollgraphy IG pubblicato il Ottobre 29, 2020 alle 2:13 pm

โœจFirst oneโœจ
p.s.: If youโ€™re ever in Rome, you must visit Cartoleria Pantheon.
Heaven on Earth!