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Shay Sepko pubblicato il Maggio 27, 2021 alle 2:14 pm
We found this lovely shop while visiting Rome and have thoroughly enjoyed the bags we purchased! I have since ordered online twice for gifts because we fell in love with the amazing leather! The ordering and shipping was easy & quick! I was impressed with how quickly our items arrived to the US! I will definitely order again & hope to make it back to Rome again some time to shop in person!
Risposta dell'amministratore di: Laura
I'm excited by your comment .... after such a sad year, a smile is perfect. See you soon and thanks a lot Shay! We await you in Rome ๐Ÿ˜€
Carlo Nordloh pubblicato il Maggio 25, 2021 alle 10:13 pm
I am always happy to receive your notebooks. I order them now for several years for my sketches. The service is really reliable and the products are just beautiful with a wonderful qualitiy.
Risposta dell'amministratore di: Laura
Thank you Carlo. Be back ASAP in Rome, we await you ... toy will find many new journals, new items and colors of wax in the shops this summer .
dvdcueva20 pubblicato il Maggio 7, 2021 alle 6:09 am
I received my beautiful leather journal quickly to the US. The journal has real nice Amalfi paper and is a joy to draw on. Thank you!
Risposta dell'amministratore di: Laura
Great !!!
show us your art with your tags.
Thank you ๐Ÿ™
ria pubblicato il Maggio 5, 2021 alle 10:45 am
I ordered the Leather Journal with handcrafted paper. They are so beautiful!! High quality and the journals were beautifully wrapped as gifts. Is felt like party Time when they arrived! Thank you so much!
Risposta dell'amministratore di: Laura
Thank you Ria for your lovely words. We await your tag!! We await you in Rome โค๏ธ
Michael from Germany pubblicato il Aprile 25, 2021 alle 1:16 pm
I have ordered one Leather book " gold " and I think, it's the best quality I could buy. And the service and the quick delivery was absolute great! Many thanks
Risposta dell'amministratore di: Laura
Many Thank to you. Always kind with us... contact us for any question ๐Ÿ˜€
Matthew from UK pubblicato il Aprile 22, 2021 alle 7:59 pm
Beautiful handmade leather sketch book. I looked for ages to find a hard back leather bound book of this style and quality. I have looked at hundreds online, and I think I have found the best available.
Great price, quick delivery, very happy!
Risposta dell'amministratore di: Laura
We are very proud of your words! Really kind. You have our contact now ...๐Ÿ˜€
Simona pubblicato il Aprile 15, 2021 alle 9:07 am
Ottimi prodotti, gentilezza su tutto e spedizione rapida ๐Ÿ˜‰ in attesa di tornare a trovarvi di persona, vi faccio tanti tanti complimenti!
Risposta dell'amministratore di: Laura
Lieta che il servizio ed i prodotti siano stati di suo gradimento. Lโ€™aspettiamo in negozio . Grazie 1000
Steinar pubblicato il Aprile 14, 2021 alle 7:18 am
Cartoleria Pantheon is my favourite shop in Rome. The products are of high quality, and the service is excellent.
Risposta dell'amministratore di: Laura
Be back soon in Rome, we await you! Thanks for comment ๐Ÿ˜€
Renea pubblicato il Aprile 14, 2021 alle 5:29 am
I love the store and what a nice option to be able to shop there online during the current travel restrictions. My journal refills are perfect and they arrived quickly. The store was so helpful and kept me informed on the status of my order. So happy thy have this online store.
Risposta dell'amministratore di: Laura
Thank you, contact us anytime for questions, info or special requests .
Patrick Mitchell pubblicato il Aprile 13, 2021 alle 6:50 pm
Iโ€™m very pleased with the journal refills that I purchased on line. The staff was very helpful with this international transaction.
Risposta dell'amministratore di: Laura
Thank you!!
Joanna pubblicato il Aprile 13, 2021 alle 3:09 pm
Fond memories of this little shop in Rome. Easy to order online and arrived in a timely fashion, given we arenโ€™t in the EU anymore. Lovely customer service too. Would recommend.
Risposta dell'amministratore di: Laura
Thank you a lot!!!
Selene Peck pubblicato il Marzo 30, 2021 alle 7:08 pm
I ordered the "Tree of Life" bookplate for my adult son who reads 100 plus books a year, and he LOVED it. It was shipped very quickly to the States, wrapped beautifully in a slim red box, and I watched with eagerness as he opened it. He is a young man with an old soul and immediately stamped the two books he had with him. Thank you for such a unique and lovely gift. I highly recommend this little special shop.
Risposta dell'amministratore di: Laura
Thank you Selene ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™
Sibeth pubblicato il Febbraio 3, 2021 alle 6:15 pm
I lost the beautiful music pen I bought whilst in Rome, and was devastated- but then I found the online shop and discovered they ship to Norway. It took a long time to arrive, ( approx. 1 month) but I had nice help from the shop when I enquired about it. Today it arrived, beautifully wrapped! I am very satisfied- definately worth the wait!:)
Risposta dell'amministratore di: Laura
Great Sibeth!!! Really long travel.. sometimes COVID doesnโ€™t help shipments .
Anyway we are happy you will have a part or Rome in your hands during the winter !! Visit us soon ...
Belinda pubblicato il Gennaio 13, 2021 alle 8:44 pm
I was very happy to find out that Cartoleria Pantheon now offer the possibility of online shopping. I ordered the 'Diario in pelle RUSTICO' through the website. The diary was very well wrapped and arrived in perfect conditions. I hope to be soon in Rome so that I can visit the shop again. Thanks you!
Risposta dell'amministratore di: Laura
Great!! We await you for next Roman gift.
Andy pubblicato il Gennaio 13, 2021 alle 5:58 am
I received one of the leather bound journals from a friend for Christmas. This beautiful book is finely crafted and I should like one day to visit the shop. I appreciate and prefer well made items and would love to see, touch, and smell the other items in the store. The website gets me close but not tactile enough although this fine tome is a close second. Mayhap I will order one of the beautiful duffels and a fountain pen recording my experience all the way. Ciao for now.
Risposta dell'amministratore di: Laura
Thank you Andy, we await you in our shops . For info or questions do not hesitate to contact us and ... enjoy with your new Cartoleria Pantheon leather journal